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HERAUX started with a single question:

Why do our stem cells lose their functional potential?

Our Science

Our Science

The science at the core of Heraux was invented in the stem cell labs of two top tier universities in Southern California.

Our research began by testing over a quarter of a million molecules to identify which could rejuvenate stem cells and increase cellular regeneration. We narrowed the field to 473 molecules and again researched and tested these before identifying one target, HX-1 that displayed the unique ability to target the inflammaging pathway and increase stem cell function.


Our story would have ended there, had it not been for a fellow researcher suggesting we look at skin. Once we examined the effects of HX-1 on skin, we realized that we had true breakthrough technology. The ability to directly target the effects of inflammaging represents a new way to reduce the visible signs of aging, which is exactly how HX-1 works on our skin.

Inflamm-aging is the process by which stem cells lose their regenerative function over time due to constant exposure to internal and external stressors. Everything from diet and pollution to sun exposure and psychological stress all activate the inflammaging pathway.

Clinical Results

A clinical trial of HX-1 confirmed our theory that HX-1 could rejuvenate stem cells in our skin to reduce the visible signs of aging. In an eight-week long clinical trial of twice a day application, HX-1 showed an up to 85% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle depth with 100% of participants exhibiting statistically significant skin improvements as graded by an independent licensed dermatologist.

On the cutting edge

HX-1 is our patented, biomimetic lipid that represents a breakthrough in skincare technology.

Our Heraux Ingredient

HX-1 is our patented, breakthrough technology that rejuvenates skin stem cells.

HX-1 is clinically shown to target the mechanism of inflammaging

Visibly reduces the signs of skin aging,        including fine lines and wrinkles, improving    skin tone, elasticity, and radiance while   reducing hyperpigmentation.

Supporting ingredients include vitamins C and E, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and red maple bark extract for a complete face serum.