HERAUX started with a single question:

Why do our cells lose their
functional potential as we age?


Drs. Ben Van Handel PhD and Amir Nobakht MD, MBA met in the stem cell biology labs at USC. Their orthopedic research was focused on reducing inflammaging and increasing the functionality of stem cells in our joints, thereby re-growing cartilage. This mission led them to develop HX-1, a molecule that shields stem cells from stressors that fuel the aging process. Once they realized these same technologies could apply to the skin, Heraux was born.

This might just be the answer

This might just be the answer

This deceptively simple question drove the researchers and clinicians behind Heraux to discover a molecule that could induce a progenerative response and combat inflammaging.

Our Heraux Ingredient

HX-1 was discovered at leading stem cell research centers in Southern California as a way to regenerate cartilage in joints.

Compelling research

HX-1 is our breakthrough, dual-acting molecular technology that specifically targets inflammaging and rejuvenates skin at a cellular level by driving a progenerative response.

On the cutting edge

HX-1 is the world's first true anti-inflammaging molecular technology. We at Heraux are proud to introduce you to a powerful new way to reduce the signs of aging and maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Our Principles

Transparent and honest: supporting science and data that is accessible to all

Groundbreaking molecular anti-inflammaging technology targeting a new axis in aging

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Science-forward skincare balancing breakthrough technology with natural elements