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Your Anti-Inflammaging Hero

what is inflammaging?

Inflamm-aging occurs when internal and external stressors speed up the biological clocks of our stem cells, accelerating the aging process

what does it do?

Inflammaging is a chronic process that increases toxic factors in our bodies that diminish the function of our stem cells, leading to the visible signs of aging in our skin


HX-1, our patented biomimetic lipid, is the first and only ingredient to directly target shield our stem cells from inflammaging

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Breakthrough Innovation HX-1

Our patented molecular technology, HX-1, was originally discovered by stem cell biologists researching arthritis as a way to regrow cartilage in damaged joints

HX-1 was molecularly engineered to target the mechanism of inflammaging, reducing cellular toxicity and rejuvenating our skin stem cells

HX-1 has been clinically shown to be effective for ALL users.

HX-1 Data

  • Clinical Results
  • 100% of participants had improved skin according to a board certified dermatologist
  • Up to an 85% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically graded improvements in radiance and elasticity

The Anti-Inflammaging Serum

Heraux Molecular Anti-Inflammaging Serum

Heraux Serum

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