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Your Anti-Inflammaging Hero

what is inflammaging?

Aging caused by our body's response to external and internal stressors, such as UV exposure and cellular damage

what does it do?

Inflammaging increases cellular toxicity and stress factors circulating in our bodies, exhausting stem cells and resulting in visible signs of aging


Heraux’s patented technology targets the primary cause of inflammaging to reduce its effects and stop the cycle

Discover HX-1

HX-1 is our breakthrough, dual-acting technology:

The first molecule that specifically targets inflammaging

Rejuvenates skin at a cellular level by driving a progenerative response from your skin stem cells

HX-1 Data

  • Clinical Results
  • 100% of participants saw significant results
  • Up to an 85% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinical grading by a licensed dermatologist

The Anti-Inflammaging Serum

Heraux Molecular Anti-Inflammaging Serum

Heraux Serum

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Based on 93 reviews
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